Decorating Your Roof for the Holidays: Some Tips

Roof Lights

One of the classic Christmas carols starts off:

Up on the rooftop reindeer pause…

Out jumps good old Santa Claus…

Whether you want to get your housetop ready for this annual visitor and his sleigh, or just to add some flair to your home during the holiday season, we have some tips for you to make things pretty without damaging your roof:

Develop a plan: Before you start decorating, draw up a plan. If this is the first year you’re planning to decorate your roof, you’ll have lots of fun picking out ideas. There are so many options, from classic clear bulbs to blinky, colorful varieties. There are classic shapes and icicle shapes; star shapes and candy cane shapes! With string lights, you can even make shapes, such as a star.

Aside from lights, you can find inflatables and other life-size decorations to make things really stand out! Think reindeer, Santa, elves...

Think before you hang: Many people may automatically assume that hanging lights form the shingles is OK, but don’t do it! Poking holes in your shingles can lead to problems down the line—like leaking. Instead, hang your roof lights from your gutters using special hooks. Be sure they’re secure. At the same time, you don’t want to weight down your gutters either so use your clips as directed.

Consider your load: lights are one thing, but if you also want to put a seasonal structure on your roof, such as a Santa sleigh, you’ll need to consider your roof’s load-bearing capacity. We wrote about this last holiday season; read it here. Be sure that any temporary item you place on your roof is properly mounted and secured.

Other touches: Consider getting a timer so that you don’t have to manually control when your lights are on.

Be careful dismantling: Setting things up can be fun and exciting, and enjoy the lights for several weeks or months can be a pleasure—but after a busy holiday season, you could be compelled to just rip things down. Don’t! Remove all your lights and decorations with as much care as you took placing them. The good working condition of your roof and gutter system depends on it.

A twinkling rooftop can sure be a pleasure to look at. But it’s also a task that takes lots of work and involves a lot of special care. So be merry and bright this holiday season, but also be smart and safe!

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