Roof Damage
Posted On: 12-30-2016
The winter season brings so much joy! From spending time with friends and family over holiday meals to enjoying the brilliant scenery the first snowfall brings. These are the parts of the cold-weather season many look forward to. For those that live in colder areas, such as the northeast, winter can also bring some severe weather. This can mean not just snow and ice, but also hail—and when hail...
Roof Lights
Posted On: 12-16-2016
One of the classic Christmas carols starts off: Up on the rooftop reindeer pause… Out jumps good old Santa Claus… Whether you want to get your housetop ready for this annual visitor and his sleigh, or just to add some flair to your home during the holiday season, we have some tips for you to make things pretty without damaging your roof: Develop a plan: Before you start decorating, draw up a...
Roof LIghts
Posted On: 12-02-2016
The twinkle of icicle lights along a porch. The glow of a star on top of a tree. The blinking of colorful bulbs on shrubs. Holiday lights sure add some vibrancy and cheer to the neighborhood as the holidays near. Here are a few outdoor lighting tips for the holiday season: Put safety first – decking the halls is fun and rewarding, but it’s also serious. No one wants to get hurt during the holiday...
How to Safely Remove Snow from Your Roof
Posted On: 11-29-2016
Snow. It’s pretty when it falls, but it certainly can create more work on the household chore front, from shoveling the driveway and paths to clearing gutters. But what about the house? Is it safe to remove snow from your roof? The Syracuse Advance reported in 2015 that it might not be necessary to remove snow from your roof; an engineering professor, Eric Lui, explained that “a roof built to...
How to De-Ice Your Roof and Gutters
Posted On: 11-15-2016
The glisten of ice can be a beautiful sight in the winter, whether it’s frozen tree branches or icicles hanging off your roof. However, this wintery scenery can also wreak havoc on your home if not controlled. Snow and ice on your roof and gutters can cause significant damage; the build-up can loosen shingles, cause gutters to tear, and allow water to back up into your home. And we all know what...